Friday, January 24, 2003

The Kinneret. This lake has inspired poets for centuries.

Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv. The trendiest street in Tel Aviv, the place to be see and be

Jerusalem Forest. Would you like to join us for a picnic?

Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. The center of the world for Jerusalemites.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Tel Aviv street. When the roots have roots, you know the tree is
pretty old.

Tsfat. Artist workroom in the north of the country.

Ashdod. I guess the gods are angry today.

Tel Aviv Children's Opera. Girls just want to have fun.

Tel Aviv Beach. I feel lucky that I call this place home.

The star of the show- Yula. This is the photographer that took many of
the pictures. She is a true artist and I am proud to know her.

Tel Aviv Children's Opera. What is life without dessert?
Don't they look like little angels here?

Winter at the beach.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Lena, one of the top three sopranos in Europe. But she is a class act
because she came to Israel at at time when many performers are cancelling
because of the intifada. Lena, take a bow.

Jerusalem Forest. Everything comes alive in the spring. What a difference a season

All roads lead to Israel. I was surprised to discover how international Israel was. This is a
picture of four students in my ulpan class. They are from Spain, Columbia, Turkey and Japan.

Old City Jerusalem. The Old City is a living breathing place. It now boasts of more than one
internet cafe.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Golan Heights. This tank is at the border between Lebanon and Israel. Israel unilaterally
pulled out of Lebanon. We had relative peace for many years. There is no formal agreement
between the two countries.

The Dead Sea. The salt (white) in the water can be clearly seen.
No animal life can live in this water hence the name the Dead Sea.

Haifa. Right next to the city of Haifa is an artist's colony.

I want to rub this guy's belly.

The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art. This museum has the most extensive Japanese art collection
outside of Japan. These statues were used as buttons by the Japanese.

Ilya is playing his heart for his audiences.

The woman seated here had six sons out of nine children in the Yom
Kippur war. I can not imagine having six sons. Let alone all in a war
at the same time. It is woman like here who built this country.

Tzfat This is a spiritual and artistic city in the north of the country.

The women of Israel are the backbone of the nation.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. You have to come to Israel to see this blend of hebrew and chinese.

The Dead Sea. This is the lowest point on Earth. My ears popped on the way down here.

Tel Aviv. The view of Tel Aviv from my apartment.

Ashdod.You can never get enough of the susnsets in Israel.

The opera Baltian. This was composed by Mozart at the age of 12. What were you
doing at the age of twelve?

Eilat. I rode my bike from the border of Jordan to the border of Egypt. Since I am not an iron man
competitor, it should show you how small my country is. President Bush said it best, "parts of
Israel are no wider than a Texas driveway." The mountains in the background are Egyptian.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Tel Aviv. Azrareli Towers. After September 11, the management put these lights. We are
telling them come and get us.

Tel Aviv. The old and the new live side by side in Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem. If you owned a house in Yemin Moshe, this would be your view of the Old City every day.
No wonder, it is now the most expensive real estate in Jerusalem. Not too long ago, no one wanted to
live here because it was too close to the border.

The Israeli flag. The blue and white is the most beautiful thing in the country.
Too many have died defending its honor.

The Tel Aviv Opera Company. Peter Grimes. I love the tragedy of the opera. It matches
my life.

Bobli Park, Tel Aviv. There is a small zoo in the park. The children can also ride ponies.

Beach in Tel Aviv. All that is missing is the girls in bikinis.

Port of Haifa. Haifa and Eilat are the two major ports of Israel. Arabs and Jews peacefully
coexist here. Why we can't bottle the air of coexistence here and send it around the country.

Bobli Park, Tel Aviv. The bridge to nowhere. I only wish that this bridge led to peace
with the Arabs.

Tzora Winery on the way to Jerusalem. A Frenchman left his native land to build a winery
in Israel. Judging by the amount of wine we consumed, he is a roaring success.

The port of Tel Aviv. To escape from it all, I sometimes rent a sailboat for the boat. Do you want to come
with me?

Tel Aviv Market Every Tuesday and Friday, craftsmen show their wares. The elderly arab ladies are making
a special arab bread called hema. Valery is hiding out behind the sunglasses.

Zikron Yaakov.

The Tel Aviv Opera company. Would you like this dance?

The Jerusalem Forest. When a Jew comes to Israel, it is a tradition that he plants a tree. Even with that, this
is our version of a forest.

Yaffa Street in Jerusalem. The shop owner proudly displays a letter from President Bill Clinton.
I wonder if he takes it down when Republicans come through.

Tel Aviv Market. People wait in line for this bread because it so good.

Street in Tel Aviv. I call this picture "Hanging on for dear life."

Rehavia, Jerusalem. The cartoon image in the Israeli papers of this neighborhood is of an elderly lady attended
to by her Filipino nurse.